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Temp Controlled


[temp kuhn-trohld ]

A shipment of goods that are sensitive to climatic conditions and require special handling to maintain stable temperatures from dock to dock. These are hauled on a refrigerated trailer commonly referred to as a "reefer". This includes frozen and refrigerated foods as well as non-food products that need to be protected from heat or cold. Learn More

Flatbed & Specialized


With Flatbed Shipping the cargo is loaded on an open platform that has no sides or top.  It is commonly used for heavy equipment such as machinery, that cannot be loaded off a loading dock or can't fit inside a closed trailer/container. The unique design of flatbed carriers allows loading & unloading from every angle by forklifts or cranes. Learn More

[flat-bed uhnd spesh-uh-lahyzd ]



A shipment of dry freight that typically occupies no more than 53 linear feet of trailer, 102 inches wide and 110 inches high.  Their can be variations of this which includes straight trucks and containers.  These always move as dedicated, with no other co-mingled freight. Learn More

[truhk lohd]



A shipments that occupies less than 12 linear feet of trailer space or six standard 48x48 non stackable pallet positions. Exception to the guidelines above exist through both contractual negotiations/tariffs, customer specific pricing,  and carrier offerings of volume & spot quotes. Learn More 

[les then truhk lohd]


GRTM Continues Investment In Technology with Launch of GRTMS

GRTMS will be GRTM's launch into the LTL world with cloud based API, Rating, Tracking/Tracing, Reporting, and much more!

GRTM Expands With Grand Opening Of Dallas Office

Glen Rose Transportation Management, Inc. continues their growth with the Grand opening of their first branch office extension outside of...



A modal method that provides faster than standard transit times. Most expedited shipments are delivered via pairs of drivers called teams (whos trucks almost always are moving) or via air freight. Learn More




A shipments that utilizes multiples modes of transportation without transloading that is most commonly stored in a shipping container during transit. These type of movements are transported from truck to a rail ramp, transported by train for the long-haul, and delivered to the final destination from the closest rail ramp. Learn More



" I have been using GRTM for about 5 years now.  We move a fair number of truckloads of frozen boxed beef. In that time, I have rarely had any issues with them doing my deliveries from Texas. They have proven themselves to be competent, transparent & competitive. I use them because they can handle any issue that arises & will only call when an issue is out of their hands. Very, very good, respectable company. I would highly recommend them for your transport needs. Give them a call."

Jim | Manager, Logistics
Frozen Food Industry

"Glen Rose consistently goes above and beyond in executing our supply chain needs.  Our freight movements can change seemingly by the minute due to client demands. We know we can always count on them and their team to get the job done."  

Mike | VP Logistics
Global Distribution Company
Christina | Operations Manager
Exports Organization

"GRTM quickly became my go-to team for transportation needs! With so many roadblocks in the transportation market right now, GRTM puts focus on building a strong, long lasting, professional relationship with the client's needs in mind. They always maintain strong communication, and are flexible and willing to negotiate until we find the position that works for me as the client. Five stars 10/10 would recommend."

Logistics Services

GRTM services a diverse range of modes of transportation as well as provides Managed Transportation Services.




Customizable Cloud Based Freight Management At Your Fingertips

Reliability. Experience. Integrity.

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