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Expedited   [ek-spi-dahy-tid]

A modal method that provides faster than standard transit times. Most expedited shipments are delivered via pairs of drivers called teams (who's trucks almost always are moving) or via air freight. 


Need to move something fast? Check out GRTM Expedited

GRTM understands the importance of Expedited Freight. We are very involved in every aspect of the shipment from the moment we receive the load. Sometimes there is no room for error.  Any order that needs to be monitored, with regular updates until it’s done will fall into this category. It may be one pallet, or an entire truckload moving across town or cross country. It may be a combination of airfreight with straight trucks doing pick-up and delivery or a 53’ trailer with team drivers. Whatever the situation maybe you will get regular updates until the heatwave is over for you and your customer. Connect with an Expedited Freight Expert today!

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