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Temp Controlled   [temp kuhn-trohld ]

A shipment of goods that are sensitive to climatic conditions and require special handling to maintain stable temperatures from dock to dock. These are hauled on a refrigerated trailer commonly referred to as a "reefer". This includes frozen and refrigerated foods as well as non-food products that need to be protected from heat or cold. 

Temp Controlled

Why would you use anyone else for your Temperature Controlled

GRTM has over 35 years of expertise in all aspects of temperature controlled shipments. We pride ourselves with being the best! We are extremely “hands on” and detail oriented from the very moment we receive a load, and understand how sensitive temperature controlled shipments are. Every shipment is assigned to an entire team that includes scheduling appointments, dispatch, track and trace, temp monitoring, customer service, and after hours service. We have a customer web portal for visibility of shipments including POD’s and are EDIcapable. Connect with a Temperature Controlled Expert today!

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