Intermodal   [in-ter-mohd-l]

A shipments that utilizes multiples modes of transportation without transloading that is most commonly stored in a shipping container during transit. These type of movements are transported from truck to a rail ramp, transported by train for the long-haul, and delivered to the final destination from the closest rail ramp.


One of the most efficient ways to move freight is Intermodal

If you have flexibility with your pickup and delivery dates, your cargo is under 42,000 lbs, and you have the ability to secure your cargo appropriately from movement, you may be a candidate for intermodal. One of the biggest reasons shippers chose intermodal is because it is currently the most environmentally friendly way to ship. Intermodal also carries the added benefit of generally being more cost effective in comparison to traditional truckload. With contracted intermodal lanes you avoid the capacity volatility with market swings and seasonality. Learn more from one of our experts if your freight would be a good fit for intermodal today!

With over 35+ years experience in the transportation industry, we speak logistics. Whether you're looking for a better way to move a shipment or restructuring your supply chain, GRTM has seasoned-veteran professionals and the tools to get the job done. 

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