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Flatbed & Specialized   [flat-bed uhnd spesh-uh-lahyzd ]

With Flatbed Shipping the cargo is loaded on an open platform that has no sides or top.  It is commonly used for heavy equipment such as machinery, that cannot be loaded off a loading dock or can't fit inside a closed trailer/container. The unique design of flatbed carriers allows loading & unloading from every angle by forklifts or cranes.

Flatbed & Specialized

Looking for some outside of the box (truck) transportation solutions? Literally outside the Box!

Then you’ve come to the right place!  Our flatbed/specialized division focuses on open deck shipping of all shapes & sizes, including oversized loads. No loading dock? No problem! Whether you are loading/receiving at a job site, warehouse, or private yard, our flatbed team can pick-up and/or deliver to just about any location you can imagine.  We do a ton of work in the energy sector (oil & gas, as well as renewables like wind turbines and energy storage solutions), and are extremely well-versed in shipping everything from shipping containers, farm equipment, HVAC machinery, precast concrete, building materials, and raw materials. Whether you’ve got a single 10’ piece of pipe or a 50’ L x 12’ W overweight generator, our flatbed & specialized division has got you covered!

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