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Kevin Morgan

Sr Vice President/Secretary of the Board

I started with GRTM in October of 1986, at that time we had 4 employees. I was born and raised in Glen Rose. After graduating high school, I went to work immediately with the intent of going to college but only after making a small fortune. Surprisingly, neither of those happened. I worked in construction, drove a truck, and was a dairyman all before coming to work for GRTM, my first office job. I knew in a short amount of time that it was what I was supposed to be doing! The owner, Byron Stinson, was my mentor and a great mentor he was! He taught me everything he knew about the transportation industry, mostly refrigerated. It's the only transportation brokerage I have ever worked for or care to work for.

My first two years we had no computers, no cell phones, no internet, no tracking, and a fax machine that we rarely used. I conducted business with one rolodex for customers and another one for carriers. A pen, a paper pad, and a telephone. That’s it! Hard to imagine in the world we live in now but there were no written rate cons or agreements with shippers or carriers, not even a handshake! Business was conducted on your word and when you dispatched a driver you had to trust him. We rarely had miscommunication or issues. Your word, reputation, and mutual respect meant everything! I learned a lot working in that environment and in spite of all of our technology, I feel that the relationships we have with our shippers, carriers, and drivers are what makes us successful and holds true still today. Our company is our employees and employees are our family! They are truly the best part of coming to work!

When I am not at work I like to golf, travel and spend time with my family and grandchildren. I am truly blessed to work in the community I grew up in; to work for such an amazing company that I am proud to have been a small part of our growth and success.

Kevin Morgan
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