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Kris Orent

Director of Supply Chain Solutions

With just over a decade of experience in the logistics & supply chain industry, I started with GRTM in August of 2021. In my experience I’ve worked for several of the largest players in the industry and successfully created three of the top 50 3PL’s LTL divisions of business. From a young age I was infatuated with designing, creating, and improving anything my mind could conjure up. My passion is innovating and navigating the complexities of improvements through technology for our clients, partners, and GRTM.

Aside from my career with GRTM I’m an avid whiskey collector, who enjoys spending time with my family, and football. When I’m not constructing things for GRTM and our Customers, I build things by hand for friends and family and have been told I’m a skilled woodworker.

Kris Orent
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